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What is Reserol?

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What is resveratrol?

What is resveratrol?

Reserol is a thin film strip containing 20 mg Resveratrol. The film is made with a patented technology and handcrafted in Sweden. Reserol has been designed with one single purpose – to distribute Resveratrol to the body via the oral lining in the most effective way possible.

The idea to develop a new type of product came to life when a prominent scientist at one of the big Pharmaceutical companies was involved in a project working with the film technology and saw the untapped potential in using this platform as a carrier of not only traditional pharmaceutical substances but also nutrients and nutritional supplements, like Resveratrol.
After numerous attempts Fredrik Hübinette, inventor of the film technology, and scientist Scott Boyer finally managed to compose a film formulation with selected food supplements, and a new type of health products were born. Today the film technology is patented and we are dedicated to continue our mission: improving global health one individual at a time by offering a product range powered by well proven compounds combined with innovative delivery to the body.