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Resveratrol – nature’s <br>well kept secret

Resveratrol – nature’s
well kept secret

The use of Resveratrol has shown improvement in skin’s elasticity, smoothness and depth of wrinkles. The number of age spots have decreased and uneven skin tone has improved after use of Resveratrol*.

Resveratrol has a number of biological effects and is believed to modify age-related gene expression and decrease the levels of inflammation. This combination of these features makes Resveratrol a unique substance with regard to anti-aging activity**.

How to use <br>Reserol

How to use

Reserol is a thin film strip containing 20 mg Resveratrol. The film is made with a patented technology and handcrafted in Sweden. Reserol has been designed with one single purpose – to distribute Resveratrol to the body via the oral lining in the most effective way.

This is how to use Reserol: Apply the film strip on the inside of the cheek and let it dissolve. Within 3-5 minutes the film will dissolve and disappear. Take 2 films per occasion. We recommend 6 films daily. To assure the best conditions for Resveratrol absorption, do not eat or drink for 10 minutes after the film has disappeared.

Reserol <br>why a film?

why a film?

Resveratrol needs to be absorbed into the body to have a beneficial effect. This absorption, or ‘bioavailability’, is a major challenge with Resveratrol as 99+% of it is broken down in the lining of the gut if it is swallowed.

This is why we have chosen to develop Reserol using the film technology FFT TM. In this way we can enable an uptake of Resveratrol via the oral lining which does not break it down. This enables more Resveratrol to be distributed to the individual cells of the body where it is needed.


* Buonocore, D., et al. 2012. Resveratrol-procyanidin blend; nutraceutical and anti-aging efficacy evaluated in a placebocontrolled, double blind study. Clin. Cosmet. Investig. Dermatol. 5, 159-165.

** Baxter, RA, 2008. Anti-Aging properties of Resveratrol: review and report of a potent new antioxidant skin care formulation. Journal of cosmetic dermatology. 7, 2-7.

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What does Reserol contain?


Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol. ‘Trans’-resveratrol is the more stable and bioactive isomer of the substance. In Reserol we only use trans-resveratrol.

Sodium Alginate

The Sodium Alginate we use is extracted from organic sea algae harvested from the coast of Norway. Alginates have been used safely for decades in food and cosmetics.


The water used in production is deionized and sterile.


We use Sorbitol to stabilize the Reserol film. Sorbitol is a is a sugar with a sweet taste which can be found in many fruits and berries, i.e. rowanberry (Sorbus aucuparia) giving Sorbitol its name.


Glycerol is used for giving the film its soft and flexible texture. Glycerol was discovered at the end of 18th century as one of the components of olive oil.


Reserol is a handcrafted premium product produced in our own production facility in northern Stockholm. Each film is carefully cut and packed with a large portion of love – just for you.