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Beauty from the inside out

Reserol has been developed with the vision of improving people's health as well as their natural beauty - from the inside out. By combining innovative technology with the latest research, we are developing products aimed at revolutionising the way we preserve our skin and health by stimulating the body from within.

Beauty from within

- Reserol Resveratrol Boosting Films

Resveratrol is best known as nature's own anti-aging molecule. It is a plant polyphenol that acts as a potent defence against inflammation, blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, UV radiation and bacterial and viral attacks. We have used our patented Functional Film Technology to transport resveratrol directly through the mucus membrane into the body's cells, activating their natural ability to improve your health as well as your skin.

Beauty from the outside

- Reserol Skin Serum

Our highly concentrated serum is made especially to protect and enhance the skin. By using Resistem® ™, stem cells from the Globularia Cordifolia plant, together with vitamins, we create a range of effects that slow down the signs of skin aging. The serum is designed to activate the cells and optimally preserve the skin's function. Redness and micro-inflammations decrease, the tone becomes more even and the skin glows with a beautiful natural lustre.

The Power of Nature - unleashed by innovation

Our vision is to make available previously difficult accessible substances through unconventional thinking. Our goal is to produce products that can provide access to nature's well-preserved secrets.

Welcome to a new beginning.

About Nutrinovate

Reserol is produced and marketed by Nutrinovate AB, a company that combines innovative research with well-known and proven substances for one purpose - providing people with the latest technology to be able to absorb scientific advances in health.

Nutrinovate was founded in late 2015 and launched its first product in April 2016. The company's product portfolio will initially focus on high-end beautyceuticals that are unique in their delivery or unique in substance.